A 3-day-itinerary for corporate or leisure groups.

Scotland is the ideal destination for anyone who wants to slow down, enjoy the stunning landscape and escape the hustle and bustle of big cities. Not only for people from overseas but also for people from the UK.

That’s why we have created an “Back to Basics” itinerary for small leisure groups or corporate groups who want to take a break in Scotland’s breathtaking and energetic nature. Ideal for a weekend break, as a team-building activity or simply to get out of your comfort zone.

Imagine yourself staying at a lodge, boutique hotel or a campsite – built especially for you and your group – with breathtaking views and delicious local food, prepared by a private chef. During the day an experienced survival and outdoor expert will teach you some basic survival skills, including forming the right mindset to survive off grid, giving you the chance to step back in time. In the evening you can sit by the campfire listening to some thrilling stories whilst enjoying a hot toddy or dram of Whisky.

The full itinerary including a price indication based on a group of 10 people can be found here: Download Sample Programm “Back to Basics” Scotland

If you are interested in an “off the beaten path” experience, please drop us a line for your personalized proposal, tailored to your group size and needs.

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